Serving you since 1995

Enature/Body-n-Mind has been the Internet's #1 naturist content supplier since 1995. During this time, we have proudly served our loyal customers on every medium, from VHS tapes (yes, those were a thing!), DVD's and Blu-Ray disks, online naturist video downloads and now, with EnatureLive, online nudist video streaming.

As we adapt to the ever-changing tech landscape, we pride ourselves on not losing the individualized customer care that we've operated by over the decades. We are always happy to address customer concerns—and look forward to serving you!

Is the content here legal?

The short answer: yes. Since legality of naturist material may be of concern to our audience, we have detailed legal information to address any concerns.

How is the video quality?

Our video quality varries from high-quality 1080p (Full-HD) down to VHS-quality 480i. Newer titles were recorded with high-quality digital equipment, yielding high-definition 1080p or 720p quality video. Our older and vintage titles that were recorded in the pre-digital era (the 1980s and 90s) are VHS quality. Although the original source recordings were limited to 480p or 480i quality, we've resampled/remastered some of these titles to bring our audience the highest quality renderings possible given the source recordings. The resolution of all our videos is noted on their respective pages.

Why do some of the sample preview images look blurry?

Simple answer: because of frame rates. Most our videos were recorded at 30 frames per second (fps). However, sample images taken from these videos are a single snapshot of a single frame of that video. Newer titles filmed with digital equipment tend to yield fairly high-quality captures from a single frame of video, but are still not as sharp as viewing 30 frames in rapid succession. If the sample images appear to be blurry or bad quality, it's because it's from older source material that was recorded before digital video equipment was available to the consumer market—these older (analog) videos cannot yield the same quality video frame captures that digital can. Remember that these are frames roughly 1/30th of a second in length. When viewed in rapid succession (the normal rate), the video is much sharper than the sample images would lead you to believe. We worked hard to bring the highest quality naturist videos avaible. Regardless if the video was recorded in 1991 or last week, you won't find a higher quality version anywhere!

Can I download the videos?

No. All videos are delivered by stream and cannot be downloaded.

Can I watch the videos on my Smart TV?

Yes, provided you are using Google Chrome and have the required hardware. All our videos can be played through Google Chromecast, which is integrated into our website. For more information, visit the casting information page.

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