Surf and Sand

A Little Dash of the Brush
Some beautiful body painting created by and for some beautiful Naturists.
Adagio for Sea
We return to our small rocky beach to play out a slow adagio that is a living poem and homage to the naked human figure. A surprise interlude dedicated to cats will surely raise a smile or two. Then we take off for Berlin, to one of the many public parks where naturism is totally accepted, as our old friend Thomas and his family show us here. But the sea soon calls us back, and we dance on the beach and in the waves to make this one of the most beautiful adagios ever seen, a living poem of sea and figures.
All Ship Shape
Beautiful filming, scenery and Naturists. Sail along spectacular beaches and cliffs on a large yacht with this large group of nudists.
Back to the Beach
As a new summer season gets underway, we return to one of our favorite sandy beaches which was the scene of so many great adventures last summer. Now, a new group of old friends and new invades the same space and gets down to some fantastic family fun, both in the waves and on the sand: fun in the sea; fun on land with mud and body art; ball games and just lazy relaxing; a great start to the summer and a new portrait of naturist families going back to the bare beach.
Be My Valentine
Join our Naturist friends the Valentines Day for fun and games.
Beaches and Mountains
Hiking naked and playing naked on the beach! Glory days!! Life in the Crimea as it was.
Born 2 Be Bare Part 1: Sea, Mud & Broken Stones
In this first chapter of our new adventures, our friends discover the waves and the wind on a fabulous beach, and there have fun with mud-coating, creating a new tribe of mud creatures dancing and playing around. Later we visit a listed site upon which ancient stones arise like monoliths, remnants of a past that go back some six million years. And to finish, we go behind the scenes, to show we filmed our new introductory sequence. A great new first step in a summer filled with energy and fun
Born 2 Be Bare Part 2: Shade, Sun & Birthday Fun
This film takes us to a secluded beach at the base of a tree-lined cliff, with the trees providing some welcome shade as well as a climbing-frame, and the rocks are a perfect platform to play and relax by the water. After which we move indoors to our party-room to celebrate the 12th birthday of one of our members, with a fun-filled party of games, laughter and music. To end, we return to the expanse of the blue sea and golden sands of our favorite beach, with more games and fun scenes galore.
Born 2 Be Bare Part 3: Behold the Sea!
Presenting the sea in all its wild glory, a tone poem of waves and bodies, music and wind, vivid emotions and beauty. After this wild first episode, our younger friends spend a quiet moment on the balcony at home, drawing each other in a more comical than serious manner, but always artists at heart. Back on the beach, our friend Polina displays her photographic skills as she executes various shoots. And to conclude, a boat trip on the river that takes us to yet another beauty spot by the sea, where the deserted beach is the back-drop to more fun and games without restraint.
Born 2 Be Bare Part 4: Where the River Runs Green
Our summer tour continues with a trip inland, far from the sea and the beaches, as we begin a long stroll in the hills and woods to discover a rare phenomenon, a river that really is deep green! As an interlude, one of our younger members, forced to remain at home because of a slight illness, amuses herself, and us, by painting a picture with her feet! Then we watch how our new logo is created with a mirror painting on the beach. Back on our tour, our friends discover a series of caves and tunnels in which early Christians were forced to live and hide in ancient times, and we end the day in the beautiful garden of our guide, with a great dinner and much fun in the garden.
Born 2 Be Bare Part 5: Somewhere Only We Know
Traveling along the rocky coastline, we discover new beaches and coves and fields of sunflowers where we stop to relax and play and enjoy the brilliant sunshine.
Born 2 Be Bare Part 6: Taking the Plunge
The sea is calm, the sky is ultra-blue, and a restrained atmosphere pervades the opening of this 6th chapter of our summer tour as some new visitors decide to take the first plunge. Later we visit an indoor pool and achieve some underwater shooting that culminates in a beautiful underwater ballet, before returning to the beach for a mother/daughter playtime filled with beauty and fun as once again our friends play together and stay together in a wonderful and symbolic atmosphere.
Born 2 Be Bare Part 7: Playing with Fire & Water
The different elements always play a big part in naturist activities, and when we decide to spend an evening on the beach it is only natural to think of lighting a fire. So after the water of the sea, the communion of fire, firstly in a barbecue picnic, and then in games and ritual dancing as the night falls softly over the sea and wraps up our pleasure and wonder in a beautiful and symbolic atmosphere.
Carnival in Koktebel
Koktebel, a small beach town in the Crimean peninsula attracts naturists from far and wide, and of all ages. This film features body painting, some elaborate dancing and lots of beach fun!
Country Lanes
A secret cottage in the country serves as a wonderful break from regular life. Games, lazying around and exploring nature.
Dare to be Bare
Several families gather in the woods to celebrate Naturism with RussianBare. The kids play with a giant beach ball while the parents prepare camp. As the sun goes down, the brave ones make daring attempts to jump the fire, with nothing guarding them from the flames! A great time is had by all.
Dreaming of Dolphins
A first of it's kind! Skinny dipping with dolphins. As nudists themselves, the dolphins seem to accept the Naturists into their world. Afterward, a group gets together for another great yacht ride, complete with diving and swimming in the ocean.
Fantastic Fun Time Festival
Our Ukrainian naturist friends have spent seemingly endless days of sun, sea and happiness and now they have arrived at the last days, sadly. But this does not spoil the party atmosphere, on the contrary, it adds to the vitality, and the annual Koktebel Sea Festival helps them along in this task. Once again all the freedom and joy of these naturist families and the games organized on the beach really do spell out an unforgettable Fantastic Fun-Time Festival!
Farewell To Friends
All good things come to an end, and so it is with this summer tour of the Balkans. But we keep so many fantastic memories of days in the sun, in the sea, in good company and totally free. This final chapter has an underlying melancholy perhaps as we say farewell to our friends as the summer draws to its end. But we know we will meet again next summer, or maybe before, for brand new adventures somewhere, and so here we watch as they build sand sculptures - the longest boa ever?
Fiery Beach Dreams
Fire on the beach. Our Naturist friends play with fire!
Footprints on the Naked Shore
A beautiful day at the local nude beach. Kids entertain themselves by water while the parents soak up some sun
Golden Kiss of the Sun
Water balloons and blind-mans-bluff, our team enjoys some late evening sun while playing and having fun together, as always. And as another interlude, we travel to a place often visited in the past, as some friends go there and film their new adventures on other beaches and with other families, still under the same golden sun. Back in the Balkans, the sun and the sea continue to enchant us all as the summer advances with so many golden kisses of pure enchantment and sun.
Golden Sands
Another river excursion to take us to yet another undiscovered beach where the golden sands really do allow us to dream of distant and promised lands, like a new paradise. Fun in the water, fun on the beach, fun altogether, and a truly amazing day spent at an amazing place that will long remain in our hearts and souls.
Gymnastics, Fire and Fun
What do Naturists do when the sun refuses to shine on certain days, and when storms bring in a lot of rain and cold winds? This film attempts to answer this question with a glimpse into such activities as indoor gymnastics, a visit to a windy mud lake and beach, and a night dance around a blazing fire to celebrate Ivana Kupala, complete with fireworks and a full moon. A little rain and cold will never stop the fun and antics of these naturist families who are determined to enjoy themselves to the utmost in all circumstances, as they give themselves over to gymnastics, fire and a lot of fun!
Hats Off to a Summer Party
It's summer once again, and we're invited to join some friends as they tip their hats to summer! While the adults tend to the barbecue, one of the boys decides to try out a little self-body painting. One can only remain blue for so long, so a brief swim to clean off is in order. After the body paint is washed off, it's time to get buried in the sand. Balloons are filled, and hats are being donned in preparation for a one-of-a-kind nudist party. Fireworks and games are among the activities this jubilant group of naturists has in store.
Here Comes the Odessa Sun
This beautiful Summer day on the Odessa beach provides a fabulous opportunity for our favorite Naturist families to enjoy the sun and surf.
Holiday Souvenirs
Beach side games and fun making lifelong memories!
In the Rivers
Water gun battles, body painting and other beach side fun.
Indoor Party Time
The best scenes from inside the Naturists' favorite cabin. Indoor swimming, games and holidays!
Is It a Dream
Enjoy a beautiful day at the beach, rock climbing, and navigating the ocean in a giant inflatable wheel!
Jump for Joy
Some trampolines on the sand bring the nudist acrobats who jump, flip, and twist under the warm sun and near the crashing waves
Just Another Naked Day in Paradise
A beach side birthday party, body painting and delicious watermelons bring the beach alive on this warm summer afternoon.
Knocking at the Door of Paradise
If a paradise exists on Earth, these Black Sea beaches come pretty close. Swimming in the wonderfully refreshing ocean and taking nature hikes au naturel are on the agenda in this segment. Come join our friends as they knock on the doors of Paradise. Come spend a lazy day bouncing up and down the beach with this naturist family at Koktebel Beach. Finally, in this true spirit of Ukrainian nudism, we join our friends for an afternoon of body painting.
Land of Sunshine
A bright sunny beach day just perfect for body painting, sun bathing and fun. Nothing beats the picturesque cliffs, sand and water as a back drop to the summer activities enjoyed by the boys, girls, men and women of all ages.
Let's All Have More Naked Fun
A group of 12 nudists begin their day working out in the gym with weights, stretches and floor exercises. Then they enjoy some time in the sand at the beach.
Let's All Have a Naked Ball
Get naked, climb in, and roll around. Recipe for a new brand of fun in the ocean. A giant plastic ball filled with air allows people to climb inside and roll around inside the ball while it floats on the water.
Naked May Day in Odessa
Travel to a glorious beach in Odessa and enjoy sun, sand and surf with these Ukrainian Naturists. Families soak up the sun while the kids climb, swim and practice body painting.
Naked Shootout
Look out! These nudists are armed and dangerous! Young naturists try their hand at shooting real rifles and bows and arrows on the beach. Don't worry, no one gets hurt. They also have more miscellaneous wacky fun.
Naked Tracks Across the Crimea
Running, dancing, playing music and lounging naked along the Crimean Sea.
Naked in the Azov Sea Part 1
A family group of 12 from the sets off to visit the Crimea. They visit a totally unexplored region on the northeastern coast where the Azov Sea laps the golden sandy shores. Join in the fun as they travel through the heart of Ukraine to reach the peninsula, staying at the first official naturist resort in Ukraine and enjoying the sea and the surrounding wild bays. All the magic and poetry of this special group comes alive again in this new trilogy, so let yourself be amazed with them as they discover new places and new activities every day.
Naked in the Azov Sea Part 2
Part Two sees our naturist friends from Kiev joining forces with a Moscow group and visiting various old Turkish Forts close to the Cap Kazantip. All the mystery of centuries-old stonework is explored, while new deserted beaches are discovered and enjoyed, and life continues in its slow exuberant style with Nature preserved at its wildest and most natural. Then, as a farewell to Kazantip, watch the wild excitement of Ivan Kupala night, with the whole group of all ages joining in the pagan rites of cleansing by fire.
Naked in the Azov Sea Part 3
In the final part of this trilogy, our group from Kiev visits a wild nature reserve where a large natural salt lake becomes the background for some great antics, as the black mud under the surface coats the naked bodies. Our friends revisit Koktabel, Fox Bay, Sudak, from our previous films, and meet with a few old friends. All in all a memorable time,
Paint, Sun & Sea
Painting outdoors using bare feet and also having fun with earth/body painting by the sea!
Pastoral Trek
Again we leave the coast and head inland, trekking through unexplored forest and eventually discovering a huge cave that reeks of primitive ages, and that also inspires some fantastic images and tomfoolery. Then the trek continues with a constant pastoral hue to inspire us on our way, trees and hills and a wonderful day spent naked in the wilds in the true heart of untouched nature. And to end this chapter, more woods and a photo shoot that is also a lot of fun. A remarkable chapter in our tour.
Rafts, Masks & Limpid Skies
Turbulent waves form a backdrop for new and exuberant fun and games, as our friends enjoy the freedom and togetherness of their base camp on the beach, with air-rafts lending a hand. A paint battle then ensues, with plastic bottles becoming water – or rather paint – weapons! The afternoon sun sees our friends in a more relaxed mood, and some artistic mask painting occupies most of them for some time. But once completed, the artistic side becomes a battle cry for more paint daubing on bodies, and we finish the day with a lot of energetic play under the limpid summer skies.
Riding Horses Riding Waves
Nudist horseback riding and fun at the beach.
Rolling Down the River
A calm river setting in a shady forest, and our old friend the Captain is more than pleased to see us again and take us rolling down the river in his trusted ship. And once again it is no problem for us to be naked once away from the harbor, and a happy singing atmosphere grabs us all. Then we disembark on the golden sands of another of our fabulous isolated beaches to enjoy the sun and the waves again, with so many different games and subjects to keep us occupied and satisfied, as the day unfolds with time standing still, almost, as our friends go running down the beach with no limits.
Summer Fun
A beautiful Summer day on the sand and playing in the surf.
Summer Solstice #1
Summer Solstice comes but once a year as a mark that summer is officially here. At a nudist beach in Odessa, we join in on a group of naturist families as the prepare for a fun-filled day of body painting, and much more. Later, the children while away the day with balloons, jumping rope, as preparations are underway for more fun games.
Summer Solstice #2
The main naturist beach in Odessa is alive with activity as naturist families play games together, and the men show off in an arm-wrestling competition. Then, it's high time for naturist body painting, an ever popular activity for naturists. Participants young and old proudly show off their newly adorned artwork. Finally a merry bunch of naturist families participate in peeling oranges to see who can peel off the longest continuous rind? Even those who don't win still have a juicy treat to enjoy.
Take Off
This is a compilation of scenes from several Naturist events. There is about 15 minutes of footage that is duplicated from our videos "Carnival in Koktebel" and "When the Clothes Come Off". The rest of the video is divided into segments titled: "Summer is a Coming in Odessa", "Where the Beach Fun Never Ends", "You Can't do this with your Clothes On", "Ah Odessa!" and "Naked in a Winter Wonderland".
The Flags are Flying High Down in Odessa
It's the 1st of May, and although winter has thawed, there's still a nip in the air. Yet these enthusiastic naturists brave the cool and get a head start on summer, and the flag parade can begin. As every naturist knows, there's nothing better than playing around a group of friends and family on an isolated beach. In this clip, our friends goof around the beach amid the pounding surf. After goofing around the beach amid the pounding surf, this group of friends leave the beach behind, for a warm, local sauna. Fun ensues with some indoor games, such as snooker, and an indoor splash pool. In the end, trouble begins with a messy game involving paint and shaving foam. Soon, all the kids and adults are covered in a red and white mess before finally washing it all off.
The Gods Must be Naked
The beach at Koktebel, in southern Crimea, has long been associated with naturism, and for many decades naturists have co-existed peacefully with the textiles who frequent this busy seaside resort every summer. But this summer of 2004 was to be slightly different, as a group of naturists from St Petersburg, in Russia, decided to stage a Naturist Sea Festival in Koktebel, with a kind of theatrical performance scripted by Irina, with a lot of help from her friends and associates. KCN were invited to record the whole event on video, and this film is the result of all those efforts and all the fun that went on before and during the show. So now see for yourselves the dozens of painters and models as they prepare for the performance, and then watch all the chaos and the serious comedy as they act out the story of ancient Greek and Roman Gods in front of a mixed textile-naturist audience of hundreds. And as is only fitting in a naturist show, of course, the Gods must be naked!
The Last Colors of Summer
It is always a sad time as our summer draws to its end and we have to think about rejoining the ‘civilized’ world again. But in this last film of the summer we still enjoy to the full all the colourful freedom of our chosen spaces: a small beach flanked by trees and rocks that shows us green in many hues; then playing at ‘pirates’ on our camp beach, showing that even naturists enjoy disguises; an afternoon session on the balcony at home shows our young friends designing birthday cards; and to end in majestic colours and lots of fun, our very own ‘Holi’ ritual, to show our appreciation once and for all for the whole summer we have lived through, and to pay homage to these last colours of the fantastic summer
Walk in Paradise Gardens
A totally different setting for this episode, as we go inland and take a ride on a horse-drawn cart to a well-stocked orchard, where we can pick delicious ripe fruit to our hearts’ content, until all our baskets are full. A real return to the Garden of Eden in a way! Then we set off again to discover untouched landscapes of lush green meadows and woodland trees, trekking across land to make new discoveries and wonders of Nature. A halt in an old stone-age monastery gives us food for reflection, and we end the day knowing that we have truly walked through Paradise Gardens once again.
Walking Hand in Hand with Paradise
This gang of nudists enjoys the sun, comradeship, and beach on a mid Summer day.
Welcome To Our World
Several Naturist families gather for a day at the beach. Even some local bulls stroll along the beach with the nudists -- friendly bulls who seem to appreciate the nude lifestyle as well!
When the Clothes Come Off
Whatever it is you seek, you are sure to find it in the Crimea, as our group of naturist families find their joy in being together and exploring new facets of holidaymaking as the sun blesses them on most days with its warming rays. And as ever, they are not averse to having fun together, as all age groups join in the fun and laughter of being free in the beauty of nature, and prove again that when the clothes do come off, then the games do go on!
When the Naked Wheel is Turning
These happy Naturists enjoy a day at the beach and then go for a spin in a super-sized inflatable wheel. Large enough to hold a person inside they spin around upside down, right side up across the ocean surface. A fun and unique video.
Where the Summer Fun Never Ends
Indoor painting contest, tumbling fun inside a huge clear plastic ball on the water along with games beach side fire jumping!
Where the Sun Lights All Fires
Early naturists were known as Sunlovers, and our friends are also partisans of that ancient philosophy, as they continue through the long summer with always a thought for the sun and the gifts it gives us all. Whether playing in the waves or rolling down the sandy cliffs, covering their bodies with mud or rolling on the sandy beaches, the sun is always there to warm our bodies and our souls. And to end this episode, a fantastic fire ritual and primitive dance session as the night chases the sun away, leaving us ready for the tomorrow we know will bring the sun back to light all our fires.
Where the Wind and Waves Blow Wild
Extreme nature enjoyed by these hardcore nudists as they venture into seaside cliffs, roaring waves, and a wind swept beach.
Wild Lagoon
A 12 year old Birthday party with cake, games and playing in a rocky lagoon! A very fun video!
Yacht & Garden Parties
Nothing can be finer than to sail away from the busy towns and beaches on a chartered yacht, especially when it is a group of naturist families who take to the seas and who are determined to enjoy the sun and the sea to the fullest. A great party atmosphere then as we sail away with them. And in contrast, a quiet and intimate garden party atmosphere as we celebrate with a barbecue and picnic in the secluded garden of our villa, where our younger friends have fun with a flock of sheep especially ‘created’ for us by a local artist, and which add to the quiet pastoral aura of this tranquil evening. Another fantastic episode in our new summer adventures.
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