Russian Bare

4th of July
The Russians greet our videographer with typical American 4th of July activities. Mikhail Rusinov also interviews key people in the Naturist movement (including the President of the local Green Party).
A Day in the City
Swimming in an indoor pool at a local St. Petersburg gym. A small group of naturist friends spend a day at a local gymnasium in St. Pertersburg. One can do anything nudist-style.... even roller-skate!
A Day of Camping
The Russian beauties set up camp in the wilderness by a lake. They know how to blaze a trail through the woods, cut down wood for a fire and make camp as well as any frontiersman.
A Day of Sailing
A perfect day for sailing naked across the ocean!
Athletic Scenes
This video features the best of the male athletic scenes from the following five videos. These guys build a pyramid with men holding up the bottom and boys on top, jump rope, race, and competed in a variety of other outdoor contests.
Bare Beach Ball
When Naturists meet to celebrate a spring festival together, all sorts of fun and games are on the agenda. Great family entertainment is quickly underway as Naturists of all ages join in the fun filled program under a brilliant blue sky and blazing sun.
Beach Ball Day
A fun day at the beach with a new giant size beach ball as well as interviews with the Naturists.
Body Art Nudists
Body painting is always a favorite naturist activity. Participants of all ages paint and get painted, then flaunt their new artwork.
Building Bridges
Enjoy a day of building bridges Naturist style. The naturists from the Holy Nature team renovate the nature trail leading out to Karellian Lakes. At the end of the day the afternoon sun is perfect for practicing nude photography around the picturesque lake.
Castle Naturism
The Holy Nature team travels by boat to a 'secret' island and explore it's ancient castle. Afterward they visit Konstantin, a life-long Naturist like the generations before him, and his talented daughter Julia, a professional gymnast with world class talent. Julia performs rhythmic gymnastic routines, accompanied by Russian music. A dramatic and spiritually uplifting video.
Finnish Beach
In St. Petersburg, Russia this beach attracts Naturists by the hundreds in Summer. The water actually gets warm enough for swimming (skinny dipping) (remarkable given that the climate here is the same as the climate in Anchorage, Alaska.)
Fun at the Beach
Volley ball, rafting, and group picnics make for a fun day at the beach.
Grass Skirts
Naturism Aloha style. Like true naturists, the group adorns themselves with skirts and head dresses made directly from nature. They may be in Russia, but they share in the Hawaiian spirit!
Hula Hoops
We visit the festive group of Naturists from a couple years ago. Now with new members joining the group, the energy level is high in the contests, dancing, volleyball, swimming and sand sports.
Ivana Kupala
Ivana Kupala - a pagan holiday which is celebrated in Russia to mark the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, welcoming in summer after a long and cold winter. A game of badminton during the day with fire jumping and dancing at dusk.
Karelian Lakes
Ivana Kupala celebrants enjoy another naked day in nature around Karelian Lake. Then it is back to the beach for horse back riding some interviews with Mikhail and some sun.
Lost Ship
Who said that naturism is only to be enjoyed in the summer? Obviously, they've never experienced the sheer exhilaration of going au-naturel in sub-zero temperatures. The party culminates with the ceremonial lighting of the straw man?. Get that tent up and the campfire going! After the winter thaw, our friends meet up by the lake to thaw out and soak up some long awaited sunshine.
Mother Naturists
There's no better way to honor mother nature than to spend a day au naturel! A large gathering of nudist families enjoy a day of body decorating and body painting.
Naked Canvas Part 1
Budding artists go to work on Natures best canvas. Clothes have a hard time competing with the fun stylings of body art as these Naturists proudly demonstrate.
Naked Canvas Part 2
With the art work complete the judging begins. These colorful Naturists present their painted on art pieces and the judges select winners. This DVD is presented in widescreen format.
Naturist Games
Creative party planners arrange some pretty innovative party games, sure to bring a smile to anyone watching. Their party goers skills of balance, aim and coordination are put to the test. Careful with that egg!
Naturist Island
Land Ahoy! Get a pirates welcome to this Naturist Isle hideaway. Exploring the islands Castle, caves and sunning on the beach make for an exhilarating adventure.
Naturist Wedding
Here comes the bride and her maids au-natural! A mixture of modern and ancient Russian marriage ceremonies, this Naturist wedding is an unforgettable event.
Neptune Nudists
Enjoy a day with our newest group of Russian Naturist friends. This is the first time these Naturists have ever been filmed. In this first video, the Naturists celebrate Neptune Day with outdoor games like tug-o-war, balancing games, ball games, swimming, barbecuing, etc. A fun filled video that will leave you smiling.
Nude Volleyball
Circle volleyball and some dancing on sunny day. A fun and active summer day.
Rites of Courtship
Witness an authentic courtship ceremony recreated along ancient Russian traditions as two Naturists mark the beginning of a lifelong union.
Rituals of Summer
Summer in St. Petersburg is a brief and eagerly anticipated time of the year for local Naturists. After 9-10 months of summer cold this group celebrates summer nudist style at a local lake and its island. They swim, boat, camp, cook and celebrate the short summer (white) nights around a bonfire.
Riverside Part 1
A group of Naturists frolic in the river, pick flowers in the field, camp in the woods, sing and dance.
Riverside Part 2
Naturists enjoy their summer in the sun next to the river, laying back in the tall grass enjoying the natural wonder that surrounds, and having a hay fight in a hayloft.
Russian Children's Day
From the Holy Nature group in Russia, this film begins with some of the Naturists who first made their debut in Russian Naturist films in 1999 and 2000 like "4th of July" and "Ivana Kupala". Now 5 years older they film one another.
Sailing Naked and Free
The whole world held its breath recently as the “Orange Revolution” took place in Ukraine, and once that was all over and settled and life went on with its new democratic changes, then it was the Eurovision Song Contest that invaded the streets of the capital, Kiev. The entire city seemed to stand still then and sing and party its way forward, and an intrepid group of Ukrainian naturists were not about to miss the show. Despite the threatening weather, they set off on a large cruise ship along the Dnepr River to explore and play on an isolated island outside Kiev, with fun and games and music and dancing all the way, as well as a great picnic in the warm cabin. Now celebrate with them the whole trip, and join in all the fun that you have become accustomed to with Ukrainian naturism, as this new and dedicated group take to the waters to sail quite naked and free, showing the world once again that Ukraine is also free now, and ready to sing in total freedom.
Sandcastles Part 1
The building begins. A great excuse for enjoying a day naked in the warm sand, building sand castles. Small groups team up to see who can build the most extravagant castle.
Sandcastles Part 2
The builders add the finishing touches to their masterpieces. Judges make the difficult decision of awarding winners and everyone revels in another fun day at the beach.
Simon Says
Do as I say not as I do. The nudists line up for a Simon Says challenge and various other contests.
Song and Dance Bares
Encircled by friends and clapping the tune, everyone takes turns strutting to the music. Many wild and funny dance moves and some real naturals. Dance with the Bares!
Sun Sports
One of the better titles from this year's filming, Sun Sports, captures the Naturists in all their enthusiastic celebration of being naked and free in the beautiful Russian countryside.
When Horses and Naturists Meet
A group of Naturists decided to enjoy the warm outdoors on horseback in the country. The Naturists took turns preparing the horses and then went out for short rides in the fields while naturist family and friends picnicked. Filmed on high resolution digital cameras.
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