French Naturism

French Birthday Party Part 1
Collette turns 13 today and her family and friends are ready to celebrate.
French Birthday Party Part 2
Continuing on from the first part of this popular title. See a naked magic show and more great fun!
French Christmas Celebration Part 1
Families arrive at this exclusive beachside estate to decorate for their Christmas party. Arranging treats, decorating the tree and other indoor fun in preparation for Santa Claus.
French Christmas Celebration Part 2
The Christmas party continues with present opening and family time around the tree.
One Summer in Montalivet
A one of a kind French Naturist video of the Naturists of Montalivet. This town in Southern France that is devoted to Naturism with nude beaches, hotels, restaurants, and public nudity in the banks, grocery stores, etc. Today cameras of any kind are banned from the beaches but this video was filmed just before the ban in the late 1990s and is released here for the time ever.
Summer Memories #1
The Naturists of Montalivet, France enjoy summer at the beach with contests, bike riding, and other outdoor activities. This film was made in the 1990's. It is the last of it's kind as video cameras are no longer allowed on these beaches.
Summer Memories #2
The Naturists of Montalivet, France enjoy summer at the beach with body mud painting, a petting zoo, playing in a pool and more. The last video of it's kind. Filmed in the 1990's before cameras were banned from this Naturist city.
Swing into Summer
French Naturist families rally together for an outdoor obstacle course complete with stretching, tree swing, hula hoops, and other challenging obstacles.
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