Contests in Eastern Europe

Family Beach Pageant #1
Families gather on the public nude beach for talent contest on the sand. Several Naturists compete in a variety of contests for the grand prize during this beautiful sunny summer day. In then end everyone is awarded with flowers and a good time with family and friends.
Family Beach Pageant #2
The second part of the day's events brings a beauty pageant at the beach. These lovely ladies vie for the crown as supporters cheer them on.
Highlights from a Naturist Festival
Newly discovered film of the King and Queen of Koktebel Pageant. This wonderful contest on a sunny day at the nude beach attracted hundreds of family nudists from as far away as France. The pageant was filmed by our videographer in a 2 hour - 2 part series titles King and Queen of Koktebel. Now, we offer this additional footage taken by another videographer at the same event. If you loved the King and Queen in Koktebel series, here is a chance to see it again from another camera angle, including some scenes not in the originals.
International Naturist Dance Show
An international theme brings a variety of customs and dances to this naked beach side show.
King and Queen of Koktebel Part 1
The summer of 2006 saw a new event in Koktebel. The first naturist King, Queen, Prince and Princess competition is underway, as the younger contestants vie for the crown. We begin with a hike to the crest of a hill overlooking a magnificent view of the sea. Once at the top, this family of naturists poses for the camera and the fathers spend some quality time with the kids. As the adults prepare for the festival to come, the kids spend the afternoon hiking up mountains and cooling off in the water. Then, couples dance the day away in this pageant to vie for the title of the first King and Queen of Koktebel. These naturist couples put on quite a show for the audience.
King and Queen of Koktebel Part 2
At stake are the crowns for King and Queen of Koktebel, so everyone gives their all as they put on elaborate dancing performances. The crown for the King and Queen of Koktebel are up for grabs, as our participants perform dances to try and win the auspicious title. After the dancing contest is over, it's time for the judges to choose the winners. In anticipation of the news, the contestants take some well earned time off, and take a refreshing dip in the sea. After much deliberation, the judges make their final decisions, and it's time for the crowning ceremony. Behold the King, Queen, Prince and Princess of Koktebel!
Naked But Royal
The latest Nudist Royale. Witness the crowning of this year's RussianBare Naturist King, Queen, Prince and Princess. They had to do push ups, bounce races, and all kinds of competitions to win the grand prize!
Naturist Family Talent Contest
This part of the contest is where the Naturists perform their various talents for those gathered on the beach, who cheer them on. Everyone wins a prize and the day is filled with wacky fun!
SummerTime Family Talent Show
Nudists gather on a beautiful summer day to celebrate their talents. The audience is entertained by singing, dancing, body painting and other talents.
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