Casting to Your TV

Besides our in-browser video player, we have integrated remote casting for members who use the Google Chrome browser, which allows you to watch our videos on your TV using a Chromecast or other casting device.

What You'll Need

Smart TV or HDMI-capable TV - Not all TV's are created equal, so it really depends on your setup. At the very least, your TV will need a free HDMI port to accommodate a cast device such as a Chromecast or third-party casting device. Some newer smart TV's (notably Android-powered TV's) may have casting built in. Otherwise, you will need to attach a cast device to an HDMI port.

Google Chrome - Google Cast only works with Chrome, and is not compatible with any other browser. This is not likely to change due to Google using proprietary software that is not compatible with non-Google or non-Android software. Download Chrome

A Cast Device - A cast device, such as Google's Chromecast is essential. As stated above, some newer Android-based smart TV's may have casting built in. Other smart TV's will require a device such as Chromecast or third party clones to be attached to an HDMI port.

You may already have casting capabilities. The cast icon, which looks like this: cast will appear at the top of each video's page if you are logged in and have casting capabilities.

How to Cast Videos

Cast Devices
Click on the cast icon cast located at the top right of the video page. A dialog (see image) will pop up in the Chrome window with a list of cast devices that you can connect to. Note what's displayed in the blue section - if it doesn't say "", you need to change the source
Change cast source
By default, the source is the current Chrome tab, but you'll need to change this. Click the down arrow to reveal a list of possible sources. You want to choose "" from this list.
Select cast device
Loading bar
Once the correct source is selected, you want to choose your device. In this example, we want to click on the name you gave to your Chromecast device. In our example, this is "Living Room TV". This will establish the casting connection from your device to the TV. You will notice the casting bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window, and it will show the status of the connection.

Note that your device and the casting device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Casting will not work with wireless mobile connections.

Cast Ready
Once connected, the cast icon will turn yellow cast and the casting bar will tell you it's connected. You're now ready to start casting videos.

Playing Videos

Play Video
Start playback by clicking on a video. This will queue the video and start playback as soon as the video stream has loaded into the casting device.
Video is casting
The video display will reflect that it's currently casting to your cast device.
Queue video
Unlike the browser player, when casting videos, you are free to move about the site. You can easily queue another video by clicking on it as if you were going to play it, but when casting, it will be added to the casting queue.
Video is queued
Your next video will play after the first video completes, or if you skip by clicking on the skip_next icon in the casting bar. To go back to a previous video, click the skip_previous icon.
casting bar video info
That's it! The controls at the bottom of the browser window will remotely control video playback. You can continue to browse the site, and the casting bar will stay with you while you cast. If you visit other video pages, you can queue any of them you like (provided you have the permissions). Simply click "Add to Queue" on the video and it will be added to your playlist.


casting bar controls
stop Stop video playback and clear the play queue
replay_10 Rewind the video 10 seconds
forward_10 Fast-forward the video 10 seconds
more_vert View the play queue
skip_previous Play the previous video in the queue
skip_next Skip to the next video in the queue


Disconnect from Cast
Once you're finished, you can disconnect by clicking on the cast icon, and choose "Stop" from the Chrome popup. You can also disconnect from the casting bar if there are no videos in the queue, there will be a "Disconnect" button. To disconnect while a video is playing, you will need to click the stop icon stop to unload the queue, and the "Disconnect" button will appear.


If you enter casting mode while viewing a video in the browser player, the video will resume at the same point when casting begins (minus 5 seconds).


The only limitation using cast is that unlike the browser player, you cannot adjust the playback speed of the video.

Establising a connection to your cast device...